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Traditional art

Anything that's not digital :)

Marie razny full picture of my percival tachyon paper toy by jokergiirl d66r8bk

Papercraft I made a few years ago! All the pieces were designed on Illustrator, then printed, tried out and glued by myself :)
Oh, it has also been textured on Photoshop. The background on the picture is a printed game screenshot from Ratchet & Clank!

Marie razny team work portrait by kina axian d876ujv

A collab made awhile ago. The person who collabed with me drew the dres and shirt, I took care of the characters :) It's a reproduction of a picture

Marie razny 2016 01 24 03 55 36 by kina axian d9p35uu

Fan art of the character Undyne !

Marie razny doodle sheet

A few sketches from my sketchbook