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I'm starting to slowly get into backgrounds too ! :)

Marie razny painting test 5 3 by kina axian d9t24v5


Marie razny forest by kina axian d9k47op

Magical sunset

Marie razny plants design

I decided to try designing plants ! :)

Marie razny frozen lake

Frozen Lake

Marie razny new landscape8 5 by kina axian d97sdsg

The Lake

Marie razny pub

At the pub

Marie razny lab16

In Kina's lab

Marie razny big background final2

Frozen Lake V2

Marie razny simonscene10 by kina axian d9xesea

Peaceful park

Marie razny outofthelab 14 final by kina axian d9xan08

Outside of the lab

Marie razny squick on ground bg by kina axian d9vbsm7

Dangerous hill

Marie razny introwindow14 changes 00002 by kina axian d9xamo5

Kina's room