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Character design : humans

I love designing characters more than anything else ! :)

Marie razny 300 watchers special by kina axian d9tm5mr

Humanized version of my main characters :D

Marie razny humanized side characters by kina axian d9ttein

Some side characters of mine. The guy in purple has a terrible cleaning OCD.

Marie razny warrior kid ok design

This is a character I created as a young teenager, and I decided to redesign her now. I'm starting to develop a better story where she is Hades's foster daughter and has to take part in a fighting tournament organized by the Greek Gods.

Marie razny chara design man2

I decided to try pushing the cartoony style further :)

Marie razny swing by kina axian d9thg8h

Humanized version of my two main characters, Zed and Kina :)

Marie razny cyborg by kina axian d9ox2l8

Commission. I do not own this character

Marie razny human bill painting by kina axian d9f9zj82

Fan art I made, my human version of the character "Bill Cipher" !

Marie razny happy no lineart test by kina axian d8vnst2

Redesign of an old character of mine !

Marie razny character ed by kina axian d9f48h8

Concept Arts for a personal project