3D work

Marie razny 3d cragpole by kina axian d8hncbk
Fan model of a "Cragmite" based on an artwork made by Creaturebox !
Marie razny 3d hades by kina axian d8t8qta
Hades, a character of mine ! zBrush sculpt
Marie razny what the hell is wrong with me by kina axian d9hbj4a
I'm not sure what happened with this. I turned my horse into a monster.
Marie razny original horse by kina axian d9hbj4h
Horse sculpted in zBrush !
Marie razny ref sheet for mantor by jokergiirl d85huin
Model made entirely on Maya !
Marie razny vladimir 3d headshot by kina axian d9zpmjp
Quick sculpt of one of my characters Vladimir !
Marie razny kina final render2 by kina axian d9pm6n0
Model of my character Kina made on zBrush, retopology made on Maya !
Marie razny demon thing that doesn t have a name yet by kina axian d9iw447
zBrush model of my demon character "The Thing" !
Marie razny gun
zBrush gun !
Marie razny mecha dragon head by kina axian d9hbjk7
Robotic dragon head made on zBrush
Marie razny robot thing by kina axian d9hbl31
A robot made and rendered on zBrush
Marie razny 3d sombra by kina axian d8hniib
Fan model of the character "King Sombra"

3D work made on zBrush and Maya !