Personal Project

Marie razny hello4 by kina axian d9rsvr9
Kina meets Zed for the first time
Marie razny ending group picture10 by kina axian d9ah0h8
Group picture of all my main characters !
Marie razny i think this is a good idea by kina axian d9fvq57
Attaching fireworks to a sledge was a very bad idea
Marie razny marie razny the cookie dimension by kina axian d9dhuli
The cookie dimension has been opened ! Alternate Universe Kina.
Marie razny cassidy s exploration4 by kina axian d9b5pki
Kina's mom !
Marie razny friendship by kina axian d9enf51
Kina and her two best friends as children :)
Marie razny in the lab 10 final by kina axian d9rs09h
Kina telling Zed she's a scientist
Marie razny deal11 effectsv2 by kina axian d9igkdg
Alternate Universe of my story :)
Marie razny jungle11 by kina axian d9r6xxo
Kina exploring planets she shouldn't visit
Marie razny kina s monster by kina axian d8s2el8
Kina and her evil plushie
Marie razny christmas cookie5
I thought of Christmas and Harley Quinn, and this happened. Evil Christmas Cookie overlord !
Marie razny zed and tari by kina axian d9pl6vg
Two young brothers
Marie razny marie razny overlord cookie sheet
Overlord Cookie ! She's Kina's alternate universe character.
Marie razny space food read description by kina axian d8wgnn5
Old cover I had made for my personal game project !
Marie razny kina family picture by kina axian d8ywjdw
Family picture
Marie razny marie razny woah by kina axian d9w3zyt
She saw something !
Marie razny group 2 2 by kina axian d9rt2d5
My three main characters !
Marie razny candy kina by kina axian d9bcun7
I had fun designing fancy outfits for my main character !
Marie razny axian adopt liz closed by kina axian d9mwdkk
Background character
Marie razny axian adopt 2 by kina axian d9syn3g
Background character based on a randomly generated color palette !
Marie razny marie razny tari sketches by kina axian d9qfz85
This one is the brother of the villain in my story. He's Prince Tari.
Marie razny marie razny sketches
Some sketches I made of Kina's alternate universe, Overlord Cookie ! At the right there's her demon, too.
Marie razny marie razny overlord cookie doodles by kina axian d9vi52w
Some sketches I made of Kina's alternate universe, Overlord Cookie !

Here are a few pictures concerning my personal game project :)
There'll be constant updates !